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Discipline, solidarity, and passion key to coal miners’ successful work
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Discipline, solidarity, and passion key to coal miners’ successful work  - ảnh 1

Nguyen Trong Thai, a coal miner of Ha Lam Coal Company.

(Photo credit by Ha Lam Coal Company)

In the past 5 years, Vinacomin’s creative, disciplined staff have achieved all assigned targets despite a world economic  recession, multiple natural disasters, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nguyen Trong Thai, a coal miner with the Ha Lam Coal Company who was awarded the Hero of Labor title, said, “Coal miners must be made of firm stuff to endure the dangers and hardships of working deep inside the earth. And they must have a passion for the job.”

“But discipline might be the most essential trait needed by mine workers. Discipline and solidarity have long been associated with the mining sector.”

This year the industry’s total coal production is expected to exceed 205 million tons, enough to meet the national demand. This productivity is thanks in large part to labor emulation movements.

Bui Thi Dien, Head of the Quality Control Section of the DaK Nong Aluminum Company, said, “Hundreds of years ago there was no coal industry in Quang Ninh. But through the efforts of our predecessors, the coal industry has become what it is today.”

Dien expressed her pride “to be the first to develop a national aluminum sector."

"We remind each other to have confidence in the leadership of the Party and State, and the flexibility and dynamism of our leaders.”

Vinacomin has fulfilled its responsibility for social security by responding to new-style rural area building and poverty reduction movements.  

Discipline, solidarity, and passion key to coal miners’ successful work  - ảnh 2 Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh delivers a speech at the fifth Patriotic Emulation Congress of Vinacomin on November 11, 2020. (Photo: congthuong.vn)

Addressing the fifth Patriotic Emulation Congress of Vinacomin, Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh underscored the importance of environmental protection and the strong character of mine workers, whose spirit of discipline and solidarity should be encouraged.

Madam Thinh called on Vinacomin “to boost patriotic emulation movements in line with President HCM’s patriotic emulation ideology and accomplish the 5 key missions set by the Congress to build a strong Party Committee.”

“Vinacomin should constantly innovate and apply high-tech to increase productivity, product quality, and competitiveness, and make itself a role model for other economic sector just as Uncle Ho once told Vietnam’s coal miners,” said Madam Thinh.